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Designed in Sweden, Goldenleaf Oak pieces aspire to be above functional.  Beautiful, cozy, and inspiring. Every time you look at them, there's something delightful you haven't noticed before.

They accompany you for morning coffee, as well as afternoon tea. Staying close by in the book nook, they should make you want to pick up a pen yourself. In front of the fireplace is their natural habitat.

More than just ceramic, they are a piece of nature brought inside. 


With the enchanting beauty of nature at its center.


Starting as a small business in Sweden, we have big dreams. Our passion for beauty extends beyond leaves and nature, we also believe on excellence in craftmanship. We hope to make ceramic pieces that will delight homes everywhere.

As we grow, we think we can make a difference by carefully choosing our resources to expand with fairtrade and sustainability at our core.

Did you know: On top of our collections, we also offer custom pieces that we believed would be purchased as gifts. While this happens, most custom pieces are purchased for own usage, meaning, giving yourself a gift of a great mug is not unusual. :)